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Scholarships October 25 - October 29

FALL 2010 JOURNALISM SCHOLARSHIPS - The Department of Journalism announces the availability of five scholarships. The awards will be announced in December. The scholarship criteria are listed below. All applicants must be CSUN Journalism or Mass Communication majors. Application forms are available online at or in the Journalism Office, MZ 210. THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 4 P.M., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2010, IN MANZANITA HALL 210. All scholarship recipients must be enrolled during the Spring 2011 semester. Applications will not be accepted via fax or e-mail. Please Note: Students receiving financial aid should be aware that scholarship money they are awarded might be used by the university to repay an outstanding balance on their loan.

The Tom Reilly Student Journalism Enterprise Fund provides one or more journalism juniors, seniors or graduate students, up to $2,000 each for a student project or enterprise.

The Ben Hecht Scholarship in ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALISM in the amount of $500 will be awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student. Applicants write autobiographical statements underscoring a demonstrated interest in entertainment journalism.
The Angus Campbell Scholarship in HARD NEWS JOURNALISM in the amount of $250 will be awarded to a junior or senior in journalism, who demonstrates academic promise and plans to pursue a career in hard news journalism.
Lisa Endig Journalism WRITING Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded to a journalism undergraduate or graduate student who shows outstanding ability in writing for broadcast or print media. Serious consideration will be given to students who are overcoming difficulties while continuing their education.
The San Fernando Valley PUBLIC RELATIONS Roundtable Scholarship in the amount of $250 will be awarded to a junior or senior who demonstrates public relation skills. Applicants must submit a proposal for raising funds to maintain or increase the capital in the Journalism Department’s Scholarship Fund.
The Valley Press Club Scholarship for COMMUNITY JOURNALISM in the amount of $250 will be awarded to a graduate or undergraduate. Candidates write an essay describing their ideas for improving print or broadcast community journalism.

SCHOLARSHIP WORKSHOP – Students interested in applying for Fall 2010 Journalism Scholarships are invited to attend a scholarship workshop that will be held on Tuesday, October 26 in MZ 212, from 9-9:45 a.m. Profs. Jessica Retis and Marcy De Veaux will review information about scholarship procedures and requirements.