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Internships May 9 - May 13

Sports - Jyra International, a Los Angeles based media and information company, is accepting applications for the summer. Jyra International provides content both on television and online to a number of media organizations. Interns will be assisting in covering sports stories, therefore, they must know the rules of all five major sports at minimum. Interns will also assist in creating general content unrelated to sports, transcribe interviews, conduct research, generate spreadsheets of research findings, attend events, make calls and edit videos. Interested candidates must send a resume, reference letter from a professor, proof that you will receive college credit for the internship, a list of references from previous employers, a statement about your sports background, in your cover letter or email you must include a list of what the five major sports are and one significant thing that's currently happening in each of those five sports, a statement of what unique value you would provide as an intern, a statement describing your work ethnic in detail, a statement of what you hope to do as a journalist or member of the media, a statement that includes your availability and a date range in which your able to intern. Please send all information to