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General Announcements November 5 - November 9

Cal State Northridge Journalism Department's Monday Memo
Newsletter for Journalism Majors
Internships, jobs, accomplishments and general announcements
Fall 2012 * Issue No. 11
To submit information to the Monday Memo, please contact Christina Pembleton, editor, at ext. 3135, email submissions to, or stop by MZ 210. The deadline for submission is Noon, Wednesday.

Last chance for advisement - Advisers have extended their advisement hours for one more week. All journalism students who plan to attend CSUN during the spring 2013 semester must see their advisers for academic counseling during the advisement period. Students will not be cleared for registration until the department has the counseling form on file. Advisers' office hours are available on the table outside the Journalism Department office. The Journalism Department does not make appointments, so plan to see your adviser during his or her office hours. Pick up you advisement form and file in the department office (MZ 210) before seeing your adviser. Once advisement has been completed, both the advisement form and file must be returned to the office. If needed, you should also obtain the instructors' signatures for any restricted classes. Advisement ends on November 7, 2012.

Thanksgiving weekend – Classes will not be held from Nov. 22 – Nov. 24 for the Thanksgiving recess.

Fall 2012 Journalism Scholarships - The Department of Journalism announces the availability of seven scholarships. The awards will be announced in December. The scholarship criteria are listed below. All applications must be CSUN Journalism or Mass Communication majors. Application forms are available online at or in the Journalism Office, MZ 210.

Two The National Notary Association Scholarship in the amount of $500 will be awarded to junior journalism majors who demonstrate academic merit and financial need. Applicants must have at least a 3.2 GPA and have spent a semester working in journalism or a related field. Applicants must be enrolled in spring 2013.

The Tom Reilly Student Journalism Enterprise Fund provides one or more journalism juniors, seniors or graduate students, up to $2,000 each for a student project or enterprise.

The Ben Hecht Scholarship in ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALISM in the amount of $650 will be awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student. Applicants write autobiographical statements underscoring a demonstrated interest in entertainment journalism.

The Angus Campbell Scholarship in HARD NEWS JOURNALISM in the amount of $500 will be awarded to a junior or senior in journalism, who demonstrates academic promise and plans to pursue a career in hard news journalism.

Two Lisa Endig Journalism WRITING Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded to a journalism undergraduate or graduate student who shows outstanding ability in writing for broadcast or print media. Serious consideration will be given to students who are overcoming difficulties while continuing their education.

The San Fernando Valley PUBLIC RELATIONS Roundtable Scholarship in the amount of $250 will we awarded to a junior or senior who demonstrates public relation skills. Applicants must submit a proposal for raising funds to maintain or increase the capital in the Journalism Department's Scholarship Fund.

The Valley Press Club Scholarship for Community Journalism in the amount of $250 will be awarded to a graduate or undergraduate. Candidates write an essay describing their ideas for improving print or broadcast community journalism.
The Flip Wilson Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $25,648 for tuition, room, board, books and fees for the school year.  Applicants must be at least a junior, have at least a 3.0 GPA and submit a 2,500-3,000 word critical essay about Flip Wilson’s contributions to comedy or television.  Applicants must be enrolled in spring 2013 and fall 2013.

All scholarship recipients must be enrolled during the Spring 2013 semester. 
Please Note: Students receiving financial aid should be aware that scholarship money they are awarded might be used by the university to repay an outstanding balance on their loan. 

The AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship Program fosters new journalism skills in undergraduate and graduate students developing projects at the intersection of journalism and technology. We're looking for students pursuing studies at the crossroads of journalism, computer sciences and new media. If you're on the cutting edge of digital media beyond the classroom, this scholarship is for you! Six students will receive scholarship awards of $20,000 each for the 2013-14 academic year. Half of the award will be granted in the first semester. The remainder will be awarded in the second semester upon proof of project proposal update and maintenance of a 3.0 GPA. Awards will be made payable to the post-secondary institution. Scholarship winners also will receive a one-year ONA membership and recognition at ONA's annual conference. The deadline for the 2013-14 academic year is Feb. 8, 2013. For more information about the AP-Google Journalism and Technology, contact Scholarship Manager Irving Washington at For information about how to apply and other qualifications, please visit

RTNA Scholarship – Any student whose career objective is broadcast journalism and who currently studying at sophomore level or above at an accredited Southern California college or university is eligible to apply for a $1,000 minimum scholarship from The Radio and Television News Association of Southern California. There are three scholarships available: RTNA/Jim Zaillian Memorial Scholarship, RTNA/Jerry Dunphy Memorial Scholarship and RTNA/Hal Fishman Memorial Award. All applications must be received no later than November 8, 2012. Supporting material such as proof of enrollment, letters of recommendation, etc. should be received by mail no later than November 28, 2012. Students may apply online by visiting our website,, and filling out the online application. Winners will receive their scholarship awards at the Golden Mike Awards Banquet on January 19, 2013.

Editor - iNewsU is hosting a competition in search of an editor under the age of 30 to write and edit a regular column on the network for one year. The brief will include both finding and uploading clever or inspiring content on a personal, community or business level and growing interest in iNewsU through social media. The judging panel will include Sandy Rowley of and Adrienne Lawler, the founder of iNewsU. There is no cost to enter, but entrants must be a registered user at The username must be: name + EditorCompetition2012. Judging criteria includes quality and relevance of editorial, quality and quantity of uploaded stories and videos, social media engagement, and offline community engagement. The closing date for registration is Dec. 31, 2012, and the competition ends March 3, 2013. Questions should be directed to For more information, visit