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Job Opportunities October 14 - October 18

Freelance Writers - Los Angeles Jewish Journal is seeking freelance writers. The Jewish Journal, the premier Jewish news weekly and web site ( based in Los Angeles, has immediate openings for freelance and contract journalists to write about Los Angeles and beyond. Join a roster of award-winning reporters to help us cover the world's third largest -- but most fascinating-- Jewish community. We are looking for journalists who can find and report stories on a broad range of issues, from Los Angeles and California politics to spirituality, philanthropy, social issues and the environment.  Some knowledge of the Jewish community is desirable, but you do not have to be Jewish -- we are most interested in excellent reporting and writing.  Your job is to find the compelling stories that inspire, enlighten and entertain within this diverse community, and also help to describe how the Jewish community interacts with the larger world. You will work with our great team of print and online editors to file stories that you find, as well as those you are assigned.  All freelancers are compensated and receive print and online bylines.  We are also interested in journalists with video abilities. Contact