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General Announcements May 5 - May 9

Cal State Northridge Journalism Department's Monday Memo
Newsletter for Journalism Majors
Internships, jobs, accomplishments and general announcements
Spring 2014 * Issue No. 15

To submit information to the Monday Memo, please contact Diana Tran, editor, at ext. 3135, email submissions to, or stop by MZ 210. The deadline for submission is Noon, Monday. Old editions of the newsletter are available at

2014 Kappa Tau Alpha initiates – Congratulations to the KTA initiates who will be honored at the 2014 KTA reception on Tuesday, May 13. Initiates are in the top 10 percent of their class and were nominated by the Journalism faculty. Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism:
Risa Akita; Kwok Chung Chan; Anne Christensen; Lucas De Carvalho Esposito
Alexandra Fung; Brionna Lewis; Jennifer Luxton; Stephanie Marroquin; Claire Marshall; Hector Mejia; Colin Newton; Nathan Rillo; Priscilla Ross; Madison Ruppert; Himerria Wortham.
Candidate for the Masters of Arts Degree in Mass Communication: Taeko Morimura.

Dean’s Awards for Academic Achievement and Service - Congratulations to the following students who will be receiving Dean’s Awards at the annual KTA reception on Tuesday, May 13: Graduate: Joanna Renteria; Senior: Hector Mejia;Junior: Kelli Serio.

Spring 2014 Scholarship Winners - Congratulations to the following scholarship winners:

  • Zulay Saldaña - Roy S. Akers Journalism Scholarship - $500
  • No applications - Chevron Outstanding PR Student Award - $750
  • Steven Maiken - Joann DeSantis Advocacy Award - $250
  • Madison Ruppert - Kenneth S. Devol - $500
  • Claire Grady - Kenneth S. Devol Runner-Up - $250
  • No applications - Steven Fishman - $350
  • No applications - Michael Emery Memorial - $500
  • No applications - Hearst Outstanding Broadcast News - $750
  • Lucas De Carvalho Esposito - Outstanding Photojournalism Student - $250
  • Devan Patel - Agness Underwood Outstanding Print Reporting - $750
  • Jose Saenz - Flip Wilson Memorial Scholarship $23,858
  • Wynnona Loredo - Laura M. Rothman Memorial Scholarship $1,250
  • Zulay Saldaña - Laura M. Rothman Memorial Scholarship $1,250
  • Himerria Wortham - Scott Diener Multimedia Scholarship - $500
  • Pete Camarillo - Journalism Alumni Association Scholarship - $500

*Fall 2014 Advisement* Advisers will be extending advisement office hours for an additional week for Juniors and Seniors. All journalism students that plan on attending CSUN during the Fall 2014 semester must complete advisement by Friday, May 9, 2014 to be able to remove the registration hold for Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 semester. All faculty advisers can be seen doing their open office hours. The list of their office hours can be found outside the department office (MZ 210) or the department Website. Pick up your advisement form and file in the department office before seeing your adviser. Once advisement has been completed, both the advisement form and file must be returned to the office. If needed, students should also obtain the instructors' signatures for any restricted classes.

FRESHMEN (Second Semester) - are required to make an appointment with an adviser in the Student Resource Center/EOP, 818/677-2024.

SOPHOMORES, STUDENTS UNDER 60 UNITS & FIRST TIME TRANSFER – are required to make an appointment with Virginia Avila. Students need to send an email to and should include their name, CSUN ID# and phone number.

JUNIORS, SENIORS, AND SECOND BA – are required to meet with a faculty adviser.

Office Hours - Advisers will not be holding office hours during the week of finals starting May 12. 

Reminders -  Don't forget to check your final exam schedules. You can find them through your CSUN portal under the Academics tab. Make sure none of your exam dates/times overlap; if so please contact both professors immediately to come up with a solution that works for both courses. Good Luck!

Upcoming Events:
  • Monday, May 19 - Commencement Ceremony (8:00 a.m.) 
Plagiarism - As a reminder for finals week, the CSUN Journalism Department is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and integrity. Plagiarism and other forms of cheating will not be tolerated. Anyone caught cheating will receive a failing grade in the class and will be reported to the University for possible further disciplinary action.

The university catalog says the following about plagiarism:

Intentionally or knowingly representing the words, ideas or work of another as one’s own in any academic exercise. Comments:
1. Direct Quotation: Every direct quotation must be identified by quotation marks, by appropriate indentation or by other means of identification and must be promptly cited in a footnote. Proper footnote style for any academic department is outlined by the “MLA Style Sheet” or K. L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations. These and similar publications are available in the Matador Bookstore and at the reference desk of the Oviatt Library.
2. Paraphrase: Prompt acknowledgment is required when material from another source is paraphrased or summarized in whole or in part in your own words. To acknowledge a paraphrase properly, one might state: “to paraphrase Locke’s comment . . .’’ and conclude with a footnote identifying the exact reference. A footnote acknowledging only a directly quoted statement does not suffice to notify the reader of any preceding or succeeding paraphrased material.
3. Borrowed Facts or Information: Information obtained in one’s reading or research that is not common knowledge among students in the course must be acknowledged. Examples of common knowledge might include the names of leaders of prominent nations, basic scientific laws, etc.
Materials that contribute only to one’s general understanding of the subject may be acknowledged in the bibliography and need not be immediately footnoted. One footnote is usually sufficient to acknowledge indebtedness when a number of connected sentences in the paper draw their special information from 1 source. When direct quotations are used, however, quotation marks must be inserted and prompt acknowledgment is required.