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General Announcements April 20 - April 24

Cal State Northridge Journalism Department's Monday Memo
Newsletter for Journalism Majors
Internships, jobs, accomplishments and general announcements
Spring 2015 * Issue No. 14

With only three weeks of classes before finals, there's so much to be done. 
Remember to get your advisement done, this Friday, April 24 is the last day to get advised. If you don't complete advisement by this deadline, you will not be able to register for Fall 2015 classes. Students that are graduating Spring 2016, your graduation check is due by July 10, 2015. Any applications accepted after this date will have an additional $10 late fee. So get it done and don't put it off!

If you have less than 60 completed units, you must call 818-677-2024 and make an advisement appointment. If you have 60 completed units and above, please meet with an academic advisor during their open office hours provided.  

Confused about permission numbers?
A few students might have a few questions and confusion about permission numbers. So there's a little explanation that will hopefully clear up any confusion. 

  • JOUR 494 AEE (1)
  • JOUR 494 BEE (2)
If you are interested in taking an internship this upcoming semester and want credit for your time, listen up. You must first have "494C" on your advisement form in order to see Professor Bluestein for further explanation on your internship. Professor Bluestein will meet with students for a few minutes to go over the guidelines for an internship, next you will go to the Journalism Office (MZ 210) to receive your internship packet. 

The only way to receive a permission number for the internship course is to first find an internship. Once you've found an internship that is approved, your supervisor will fill out a form to get approved by Professor Bluestein and then given to the Journalism Office. We will then provide you a permission number into the internship course. 

  • JOUR 395 B - Broadcast Practicum (2)
  • JOUR 397 B - Newspaper Practicum (2)
  • JOUR 398 B (Agency 398) - Public Relations Practicum (2)

These courses are restricted and students must obtain a permission number in order to register for these sections. Every journalism student must take one practicum (meeting the pre-requirements first) as an undergraduate. 

  • JOUR 498 - Senior Seminar Tutorial (1)
Every graduating senior must take the senior tutorial class their last semester as an undergraduate student. Students cannot take this class any earlier. This permission number will be given to you only if you've: 
  1. Completed your Grad-Check and have paid for your Graduation Application to Admission and Records. 
  2. Have completed advisement and physically have "498" on the advisement form.
These spaces are limited and you might not get the tutorial of your choice, so see an advisor as soon as you can. 

To submit information to the Monday Memo, please contact Diana Tran, editor, at ext. 3135, email submissions to, or stop by MZ 210.The deadline for submission is Noon, Monday.