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General Announcements May 9 - May 13

Cal State Northridge Journalism Department's Monday Memo
Newsletter for Journalism Majors
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Spring 2016 * Issue No. 11

All nighters and studying and finals, oh my! The end of spring semester is just around the corner, but before you all can kick back and relax, we have finals week coming up May 14 - May 20. Be sure to get a good nights rest and of course be sure to study for your exams. Graduating seniors, we are all so proud of you, you only have two weeks left of no sleep, lots of caffeine, and stress, but hang in there! Freshman, sophomores, and juniors push through these last two weeks, you can do it! For those of you who have not met with an advisor, be sure to do so before the semester ends, as you will need your registration hold to be lifted in order to register for Fall 2016 classes.